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J. Robert Swidler & Associates Inc.

Our firm, J. Robert Swidler & Associates Inc., which started in business on November 1, 2013, is the relaunch of J. Robert Swidler Inc., which operated from 1979 through 1989 as a leading senior level, retainer based executive search firm in Canada prior to its acquisition by Egon Zehnder.

The executive search profession was started in Canada and likely globally by P.S. Ross & Partners in 1956. Bob Swidler started his career with this firm in 1970 and was named Partner and National Director of Executive Search Services in 1975.

J. Robert Swidler & Associates is pleased to announce its founding membership in a global executive search alliance (Global Board Advisors - Excellence Connected). Further information regarding this alliance can be found in the "Our Services" tab of our website.

J. Robert Swidler
From 1989-2014, Bob Swidler was Managing Partner for Canada and then Chairman for Canada of EZI, growing its revenues tenfold, having twelve colleagues elected to the global Partnership and retiring from the firm with distinction on Oct. 31, 2013.


Our Team
Our firm is wholly owned by Bob Swidler and has offices on the 34th floor of Place Ville Marie in downtown Montreal. It is staffed by, in addition to Bob Swidler, Nancy Wells as Senior Consultant, Johan Mady as Director of Research, and Fraser Swidler as Research Associate. Biographies on the four of us can be found on this website.